Update on Imperial Agent Storyline Review: Part Deux


Hey all, just a quick little up date to let everyone know who has been waiting for the last of the SWTOR Class Storyline Reviews that I was able to push my way through to the end of the Imperial Agent twice over the last Double XP weekend and have all my notes from those playthroughs written up.  I believe I last clocked the total at somewhere around 11,000 words for JUST the notes.  Now I have take all those notes and turn them into (semi) coherent blog posts which is another long task but I’m working on it bit by bit when I have the time (Hey, I have a full time job too ya know.)  But I figure I’d let you all know that we’ve stepped into the next phase on this one and hopefully Chapter One will be on the site soon-ish.  Thank you all for your patience.

New Address: LandOfOdd.Net

Greetings fellow Oddites!  Vry here with a little announcement.  We’ve got like a real legit web address now!  That’s right.  From this day forth you will be able to find The Land of Odd by just typing in:


into your web browser and it will bring you right here.  Don’t worry, you don’t need to change your RSS feeds, or bookmarks, or anything because the old Landofodd.wordpress.com address STILL works and still brings you right here for all your Land of Odd fun.

This has been a Public Service Announcement from the Land of Odd City Council and Mayor Whositwhatsit.

I Swear Blizzard is Reading My Post Drafts

Guess I spoke too soon?

Your Garrison will be woven deeply into the storyline of Warlords of Draenor, beginning when your faction leader commissions you to establish a beachhead on this alien world—but the ultimate fate of your personal fortress on Draenor is entirely up to you.

Garrisons Preview

I don’t have the slightest clue if this is going to tackle some of my issues with the story telling mechanics that I discussed in my previous post, but it definitely seems to be pointing in a good direction.  Hears hoping.  I’ll have my full thoughts on the Warlords of Draenor posted later, but I really wanted to point this one out!

Odd Aside: Vry vs Internet Acronyms

Today’s Internet Acronym:  GPOY

Vry’s Guesses as to What the Hell It Means:

Good Post On You

God’s Pity On You

Garage Pictures of Yours

Great Perception, Old Yeller

Grand Party of Yaks

Google Pities Original Yaps

Gargantuan Purple Old Yeti

General Presence Omits Yiddish

Good Porridge Originates Yen

Good Pippin, Orcs Yucky

… And The Actual Answer:  Gratuitous Picture of You

Seriously?  *looks over tumblr*  ….REALLY?  Geeze I must be getting old.

So… You’re Back?

So… I’m back.

Writing, updating whenever I have something to say – so sometimes frequently and sometimes not so frequently – and doing whatever I might think of doing.  Namely several forgotten or thought about projects (doing a Let’s Play, my long forgotten SWTOR plot synopsis, I hear the Horde might need another Warchief here soon…)

Yea but WHY are you back?

Long time readers will recall my intent to continue on my internet ramblings over on Tumblr.  Namely because I felt more comfortable throwing little bits of random content up on there that is no way a significant “blog post” but makes a fine “Tumblr post” or some such.  And I did that.  For like a while. You may have seen some of it.  The problem really became the more and more I got into it, that the general vibe of tumblr community was not what I was used to with the video game and namely WoW blogging community.  Posts of animated GIFs of Doctor Who or Supernatural, quirky memes, Homestuck (whatever the hell Homestuck is), and all these other fandom like things doing their own thing.  I felt like I had jumped in the deep end of a pool of Jello with no spoon and severely lacking whipped cream.  I still have my Tumblr account.  You can find it here as always.  And the posts from this blog will get posted on there too.

So are ALL your Tumblr posts going to come here?

Oh hell no. No no no. No.  Have you seen the majority of the stuff I put on Tumblr?  Not to mention the countless re-blogs and whatnot.  I might bring over SOME of the posts I made over there in the past few months, and maybe some of my Ask Vrykerion posts which are always good for a laugh.  But the majority of that stuff stays there.  And I’ll continue to add to that stuff.  I still mess around on Tumblr a bunch with re-bloggings and lolcats and blue ray discs and… stuff…  yea…


Leave? What leave?  I never left. I simply shifted venues! Didn’t you read?  I always kept this door open for possible future scribblings.  Heck, the old Oddcraft site still says it might be updated now and again but don’t expect anything constant. Worry not voices in my head, your lord and master has returnedeth.

Odd Aside: Google Search Q&A #1

From a Google Search: “How to kill Thanaton on Korriban”

Vry’s Answer:  Time travel.  Go back to when he was an apprentice and smash his head with a rock.

If that fails, just use any interrupt you can when he begins to cast his different field spells and Force Storm can easily be moved away from since you’ve got a big room.  That said, Move out the bad when you don’t interrupt it.  Don’t bother interrupting his lightning spells. Use the Thrones in the dark council chamber to break line of sight on the lightning when you can.

As an assassin I used Talos to keep me healed and kept Thanaton far away from him so he never got stuck in any of the bad AOE stuff.

Ultimately, I think you’re better off with the Time Travel.  Might want to try a shovel instead of a rock.  And bring Khem Val.  He’ll eat him. No evidence.  It’s a good thing.

The Scotsman is a Dwarf Shammy

From the Demented Mind of Vrykerion comes this WoW/Samurai Jack mash up:

Long ago in a distant land, I, Nozdormu, the shape-shifting Dragon Master of Time, unleashed an unspeakable evil!

But a foolish group of heroes wielding magical purples stepped forth to oppose me.

Before the final blow was struck, I tore open a portal in time and flung them into the future, where my evil is LAW!

Now the fools seeks to return to the past, and undo the future that is MUROZOND!

The Land of Odd Apparently Has a Face

Apparently, The Land of Odd has a face. Why else would it be on Facebook?  That’s right. No longer does The Land of Odd have a dinky little profile on the FaceyPages (Still updating with every new post), but now it has a full fledge FAN PAGE!  That’s right, without having to “friend” a single soul, you too can now show and share your love of all things weird in Azeroth by simply “liking” (or whatever you kids do these days) The Land of Odd!  The The Land of Odd Fan Page will also update with new updates and anything else I can toss up there.

Find The Land of Odd on Facebook by clicking HERE or on the Facebook icon at the top of the page.

P.S.  We’ve switched over our Ratings system for each post to a simple Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down system.  This is mostly because all our ratings were either 5 stars or no stars, so it really didn’t make sense having a range between like or didn’t like (or laughed/Didn’t laugh if you prefer).