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Ironforge Has Terrible Firefighters

The Ironforge Mountaineers: Protectors of the Innocent, Guardians of Dun Morogh, Slayers of Wild Beasts, and apparently were never told that fire was bad.

Server Downtime Adventure!

This is an old video.  Extremely old.  This not only predates OddCraft, but it predates Wrath of the Lich King and The Burning Crusade.  That’s right, I made this back in Vanilla WoW.  Gives you kind of an idea about how far back the demented mentality that has been unleashed here on OddCraft goes.  Enjoy!

Before anyone asks, it was when the servers were offline.  So when the servers came back up, I was back in front of the Ironforge bank like nothing happened.  However, you can still get down there by jumping off the bridge that goes over the Great Forge.  The fire damage doesn’t do much to a level 80. Be warned if you try it though, it’s not easy to get back out.  Essentially there’s a small spot behind the water wheel where you can stand above the lava.  From here you can hearth uninterrupted.  Still, it’s fun as hell!

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