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Vry Talks WoW: Warlords Trailer Released & Endboss Reveal!


Orcs orcs orcs ORCS orcs? Orcs orcs, orcs orcs… ORCS ORCS ORCS ORCS ORCS ORCS ORCS ORCS!  Orcs orcs orcs orcs orcs orcs?  Orcs!  Orcs Orcs Orcs.  Orcs orcs.  Orcs, orcs orcs orcs orcs orcs orcs orcs? Orcs orcs.  Orcs orcs.  Orcs orcs orcs orcs, orcs orcs orcs.  Orcs orcs Hellscream orcs.  Hellscream orcs orc orcs.  Orcs orc ork ork orcs.  Orcs orc orcs orc goblins?  ORCS!

Orc Orc Orcs

Orcs orc orc ork orcs. Orc orc orcs?  O-R-C-S.  Orcs orcs orky orcs! Orcs orc Garrosh? ORC.  Orc orky orcs Grom! Orc orc orcs orca orc orky orky GUL-ORCING-DAN?  Orcs orc orc orc orcs orc orcs ork.  Orcs orc ork orcs Hellscream orc Bladefist? ORC!  Orks orcs orc orc Mork ork?  Orcs orcs…  orcs orc orc orcs…  orcs, ORCS, HELLSCREAM!

Hellscream Hellscream? Orc!

Grom orc, Garrosh orc, orc orc orcs pork. Orc orcs orc orc.  Orcs, orc orc orcs orc ork. Thrall orc? Kek. Orc orcs orca orcs ork ork. Zug zug.


Mass Effect 3 Leviathan: The Aftermath

This post contains no spoilers for the Mass Effect 3 DLC, Leviathan.  It also makes no sense unless you’ve played it.  It’s kinda like a double edged sword.  Of puns.  And plot.  But not important plot.  You know what? #$%& it, I suck at metaphors. Here’s the bit:

Ashley: Shepard, what are you doing with Dr. Bryson’s experiment?
Shepard: Going a-head with the war, Ash.
Ashley: No. We’re not doing this.
Shepard: But they say two heads are better than one!
Ashley: I’m dumping you.
Shepard: Thanks for the heads up.
Ashley: Scratch that. I’m gonna kill you.
Shepard: No need to lose your head!

Meanwhile on the Lower Decks…
James: Best. Idea. Ever.
Liara: I concur.
EDI: Indeed.

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