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We Dug Too Deep, Too Greedily…

Hey look! Its like a metaphor for those Moral Choices I keep hearing about in video games these days.

Hey look! It's like a metaphor for those "Moral Choices" I keep hearing about in video games these days.

Location: Splintertree Post, Ashenvale

Faction: Horde

Far to the back of the horribly designed Splintertree Post (Come on, would it be that hard to consolidate the entire place in a sensible fashion?  You got some of it in the walls, some of it outside of the walls, and even more of it on the other side of the road and down the ways a bit…), lies a long and dark tunnel.  Filled with a red haze, this twisting turning cavern has no one in it, and leads to nowhere.  I’ve seen people use this as a staging ground for RP or World PvP events (Kill the target in the cave before the buzzer tolls and you win!), but these aren’t really explanations for its eerie presence in the woods.  However, from the red fog to the flames lining the path, I do believe that there is another explanation…

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