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Questions and Answers… Of Sorts

Okay, things have been quiet around here for a while.  The halls of the internet echo with whispers and questions about what fate may have happened to the Man in the Awesome Hat.  Well, allow me to answer some of these mutterings, as well as some other questions I’ve seen pop up from google searches…

Where the #$%& Have You Been?

Real life caught up to me.  I don’t know what else to say.  I’ve gotten into a wonderful relationship with a fantastic girl, I’ve got a D&D game going full steam, and somewhere in there I still try to level my characters in TOR, WoW and DDO as well as play other games.  Life is just… full at the moment.

What the #$%& Does This Mean For the Blog?

Honestly? I haven’t a clue.  I don’t want to abandon this blog.  The name and the spirit of which stay true in my opinion.  It’s not always funny, but I’d like to think it’s always a bit weird.  I’m not always funny, but I am ALWAYS weird.  So I’d like to keep it.  Much like Oddcraft, it might become one of those things I just update whenever.  I don’t know yet. That’s what I’m working on figuring out right now.

What’s the #$%&-ing Plan?

What did I just say!?!  Okay, okay, okay.  Here’s one idea I’m tossing around.  I have no idea if it’s any good, so why don’t you tell me.  A video.  Once a week, I do a video.  Dunno when, but sometime during the week.  It could be a long video, it could be a short video.  It might be talking about video games, or comic books, or a cartoon, or it just might be a ‘Vry Rants’ or even a few ‘Ask Vrykerions’ in there.  All depends on what I’m feeling.  That’s one idea. How’s that?

Other Questions From Google Search Hits:

Is Adventure Time Really a Post-Apocalyptic Earth?

Yes.  It is.  This is not a “Theory”.  This is a stated flat out fact by Pendleton Ward, creator of the show, during an interview with Wizards of the Coast:

Adventure Time is about two buds, a young paladin in training named Finn and his shapeshifting dog Jake. They live in “Ooo” which is post-apocalyptic Earth, after the bombs have dropped and magic’s come back into the world.

There’s no if’s or maybe’s there.  The show takes place on Post-Apocalyptic Earth.  No discussion needed.  Now the real fun is trying to piece together what happened…

Is Dr. Caitlin Fairchild a lesbian in the New 52?

No clue.  At least not officially.  It came up as a possibility a few times in the Superboy comics, where Rose Wilson implies that they may have been something more than just friends, and again during The Culling crossover when Rose confronts Caitlin about being betrayed by someone you care deeply about.  However, since Caitlin got her own book with The Ravagers, it hasn’t really come up again.  They’re too busy drawing her in bikinis for no particular reason.  So the answer is… Possibly?  Let’s just hope if she is, we get something better than introducing us to her lover and then immediately killing said lover off. (I’m sorry, Alan Scott.  I really, really am.)

What is the first breather mask you get in SWTOR?

While the earliest you can technically get one is level 10 if you are a Sith Juggernaut and have a Legacy level of 10 from the Legacy armor vendors on Dromund Kaas, beyond possible random drops I know for certain there is at least one for both medium and heavy armor on the Nar Shadaa commendation vendor.  It’s moddable, which is the one I used for my bounty hunter by switching everything out for +Aim stuff.  There might be one from a quest… No clue there.

Gnome Death Knight names?

Find something cute or technology-y, like Puff or Sprocket, and then add the word “Death” to it.  If it’s already taken, try shortening Death to Deth.

“Swtor Darth Zash Sex”?

Uhh…  Female? O_O;;; (How did this lead you to my blog again????)

On Blogging & Gaming

You may have noticed that posts around here are few and far between as of late.  This is due to several things.  First and probably most of all is the fact that I’ve been extremely depressed as of late.  Which honestly makes it very hard to write anything.  I struggle to find any motivation to even log in and start on a new post when I get like this.  For that, I’m sorry.  I also sometimes feel bad that I don’t write more about Dungeons & Dragons or cartoons, things I wanted to tackle but can’t figure out a good way to do it.

Even worse is when the dark thoughts start creeping into my head and make me want to give up this blog entirely.  Why bother? It seems like I’m just talking to myself and the vast majority of my hits are just people coming from Google Images to see the few Adventure Time or Thundercats pictures I have used in previous posts.  That maybe I should have just left this entire thing to collect dust after I left WoW, as I think most just stopped paying attention after that. I try to stay positive and say that just because I don’t get hits or comments, doesn’t mean someone out there isn’t enjoying this.  I’m sure someone is.

The other reason is mainly because I don’t know what to write about because I’m kind of stuck in gaming limbo at the moment.  No one game has my entire attention right now.  I’ve kind have been bouncing around between playing Mass Effect 3, Skyrim, Deus Ex: Human Revolution,  (Deep breath now…) Fallout New Vegas, SW:TOR AND I’ve begun to once again miss WoW.

That last one is kind of weird, because there isn’t much that I really enjoyed in Cataclysm.  It’s mostly just that I miss the people there I guess.  I was part of a really amazing guild full of fun people, but the game itself was boring me to tears.  It just wasn’t worth the money to keep playing.  Now with Mists of Pandaria news trickling in, I’ve got the urge to go back and say hello.  It almost feels shameful in some respects because I’m supposed to be a “TOR player” now.

I have tried to emulate that experience of finding fun people to play with in TOR too. But it’s been… well, a mixed bag.  I seem to play at all the wrong times for the guilds I’ve joined.  By the time I log on, there’s one person other person online.  I do enjoy the actual game though, the story is exactly what I always wanted from my WoW experience.  But I miss the social atmosphere and ease of just hopping in and out of groups from WoW.  Say what you want about the Dungeon Finder, it was a godsend to shy people like me.  And when the topic gets approached on the TOR forums,  someone usually not-so-politely states that if you’re not a social butterfly, you need to GTFO from MMOs.  How kind.

However, I didn’t leave WoW for TOR because I hated WoW, or think the game is dying or doomed, or have some personal vendetta against Ghostcrawler.  I left it because at the moment, I didn’t have anything to do.  I just wanted to do something different.  Does that somehow place me firmly in the camp of a diehard TOR-ite?  TOR’s great and all, but I would hardly call it perfect.  It is improving and the team working on it seems completely interested in improving that experience for everyone.  When it boils down to it, I really do enjoy both games.  So why do I feel shame about missing WoW sometimes?

It partially has something to do with how other people view the situation.  I left WoW, started playing SWTOR, and if I go back to WoW, it must be because TOR failed in some way.  Even the slightest hint of talking about coming back to WoW spurs old guildmates’ chuckles about how BAD The Old Republic must be. But it’s not. Each game fulfills a certain need of mine.  I enjoy them both in different ways.  It drives me nuts to hear people talk like that.  It reminds me of the ‘old days’ when – one moment, gotta get my old man hat and rocking chair out…  there we go. – when we used to argue and battle about SEGA vs. Nintendo.  You could only like one.  You had to throw your hat in with one or other.  Which was completely STUPID.  And worse, continues to happen to this day with Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo or MMOs like Rift/TOR/WoW.

It’s okay to like more than one thing.  It is!  The only really issue for me is time and money. Honestly, I wish there was a way I could squeeze everything I like about both games into one big gooshie lump of a game-y thing-a-majig but I can’t.  So now I find myself in the awkward position of not knowing what to do or what to play.  My TOR subscription is set until July, and I hope to have heard SOME kind of news about the Mists release date by then.  But until then, it’s hard to play anything without getting my innards all in a twist, and when I can’t play – well, I have a bit of a struggling writing about it.

Ultimately, I wonder if I made a mistake sticking with the word “Odd” in the title.  It originally made sense when I would write lavish posts about things that I found very weird in games.  Like giant skeletons with no explanation, or how a huge dwarven dam looked like it was spitting at you, but now my rambling is less odd and more…  well, I dunno what I can describe my writing as.  I contemplated on Twitter about scrapping it all and starting fresh so I wouldn’t have that name sitting on my head, but at the same time I’ve grown quite attached to it.  I’ve also been trying to push my posts to be more ‘personal’ and worry less about ‘objective content’ or worrying if something is necessarily ‘funny enough’.  I suppose this post would be a good step in that direction but then again I am not sure.

Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know exactly what is going on around here.  We’re trying to get everything sorted out and figured out, but as we approach the end of the first year as “The Land of Odd” and my fifth year of writing this blog across all its incarnations, there is a lot on my mind about what to do with it.  I thank you all for your patience and would welcome any and all suggestions or criticisms about this website.  I want to make it awesome and enjoyable for people, and keep it fun to write.  So feedback is – as always – appreciated, and I apologize for all the delays.

The Thing With the Sixes?

In case this is the only gaming/cartoon/WoW/SWTOR/I like cookies/rant blog you ever read (and we are very thankful for that. See! You even get the royal ‘We’ for it!) you may have not noticed this new fangled meme involving the number ‘six’ going around.  As far as I can tell it was originally started by Gnomeaggedon.  It goes something like this:

  • Go into your image folder
  • Open the sixth sub-folder and choose the sixth image.
  • Publish the image! (and a few words wouldn’t hurt, though I dare say I couln’t stop a blogger from adding a few words of their own).
  • Challenge six new bloggers.
  • Link to them.

Simple, yes?  I have no clue where the idea to use the number six came from.  Maybe someone is hoping that all these related posts will grow and become sentient becoming Six from Battlestar Galactica? Or my personal favorite six: Cybersix!  Ah who knows. Let’s just kick this thing off.  Let’s see here, ‘Go into your image folder’.  Well, dangit. Which one?  I have one for WoW screenshot and one for SWTOR screenshots. So I guess I’ll just post one from each? That can’t hurt, right?

From the WoW folder…

Well… uh… that’s pretty uninteresting. Isn’t it?  It’s just a pretty picture of Deepholm.  I took this picture to use as a wallpaper on my computer actually.  There’s just something about the textures for the environment in Deepholm that just made it look gorgeous.  I actually have quite a few pictures from down there, and it is hands down my favorite looking zone from Cataclysm.  I would routinely just fly loops around it while chatting with my guild, just for the great visuals the zone provides.  The story there wasn’t bad either.  It definitely served as a good follow-up to Hyjal in terms of ‘heroic deeds’.  First, you become the Herald of the Ancients (That would have been a nice title, Blizz.) and usher their return to the world to push back the forces of the Firelands, and then you descend into the Plane of Earth, to gather the various forces against the Twilight Cultists and rebuild the World Pillar.  If they had opened up the order you can do all the pieces in, it would have probably been my favorite zone of the expansion.

From the SWTOR folder…

This image is probably the first “odd” from SW:TOR that I stumbled upon.  If you can’t gather the subtext from the text box, essentially one of the customers is in on the hustle and their duping the other customer into buying the adrenals he’s trying to sell.  Honestly, what really sold me on this little scene (one of MANY you can find in the game if you just wait around for them) is that it’s never made explicitly clear that one of the customers is in on the scam, unless you have seen or heard about this kind of scam before.  Not that it’s exactly rare.  It’s been played out in dozens of films, TV shows, etc.  But I do like that it’s not explicit, it just makes it feel more… I dunno. Real?

Also, you may now point and laugh at my keybindings.  My secret-not-really-shameful-shame hast been revealed!

From my Pictures Folder…

Oh! Finally something that actually has sub-folders!  Now let’s see.  This photo is… oh.  Oh no.  Oh science, this is gonna be painful.

Yeeeaaa… this is gonna require A LOT of explanation I imagine. This is actually an old project from college.  It was supposed to be a “metaphorical self-portrait”.  Cheesy as that sounds, I had fun doing it.  Although now that I’m looking at it, I can’t really recall what I was going for with most of this.  I dunno the face card style figure with the happy & death faces is supposed to be a reference to me being bipolar.  The words in the background are…  barely readable. No clue.  I’m pretty sure most of this probably had a deep significance to me seven years ago, when I was back in college and still cared about things having a deep significance. (Film school & Shakespeare classes killed that. I don’t care about what deep metaphorical message Orson Welles was going for by putting the moon in the upper-right corner, or why Shakespeare used more p’s & g’s in one half of a sentence than the other.)  Still, in the end, I think it’s a pretty cool picture for messing around in Photoshop for a few hours.

Well, those are my images for this thing going around.  Now my task is tag some more to pass this crazy thing along.  I have no idea who has already been tagged or not, so I’m just gonna tag people who I haven’t seen post one of these things yet.  So pardon me for any redundancies! Regardless, these are some awesome people. Definitely check out their stuff!


Protect Internet Piracy!

Yarrr, me maties! Today be the day that those reality-lovers out there in meat space be trying to cut down on our Cheese given right to plunder and pillage the cyber seas to our hearts content.  Truly, these government dogs have allied with the Neo-Queen’s Navy to sink our days of plenty with their evil creation!  And what else could defeat a smelly, greasy, dirty pirate quite like that foulest of the devil’s creations… SOAP!  This SOAP would threaten our free movies, our ill gotten cracked games and worst of all, my hearties, they may even go for teh PR0N!

Join me my pirate brothers and sisters! And hoist the jolly roger! Stop these scallywags who want to sail into our cyber-sea – OUR DOMAIN – and try to take our booty! (and our pirated goods!)

Okay, okay, okay.  I always said I would never get into politics on this blog. So I’ll just say this.  I am a libertarian at heart. I generally abide by the idea that if someone says ‘There should be a law’ there probably shouldn’t be. So this entire SOPA/PIPA thing?  It can go rot in the Styigan Abyss for all its worth.  It’s stupid, unnecessary and ill defined. Some of the worst possible qualities any law can have.  But, if I was going to post something about SOPA on here today. I was going to do with a joke.  Download me hearties, YO HO!

This Sounds Odd

Lately, I’ve been toying with the idea of doing something different here on the ol’ blog.  Too many of my posts have become huge rambling walls of texts with not enough funny in them for my liking.  Take the Thundercats post.  There’s like… nothing funny in it.  Why read it?  So you know that Thundercats are awesome? You already know that!

However, these long and ranty posts are often just text versions of my very long real life rants.  So I asked myself, “Vry, why are you essentially ranting twice and spending all this time writing out these rants and depriving your goodly readers of t3h funniez?”  I thought I had a good point.  “Also Vry, you should stop talking to yourself.”  Shut up, brain.

That’s when I recalled several comments people would give me when I went on one of my long winded rants in college.  They would simply look at me in wide eyed fear and wonder and say “Why don’t you have a talk show?”  A TALK SHOW! Of course!  Why not simply record my rants, and thus not have to transcribe them! Genius!  So I got the idea to do…  a podcast!

Even better, I could include my friends in the podcast in ways I could never do in the text posts.  Heck, my friend and I once had a 90 minutes conversation on how we would “Fix” the ending of the Harry Potter series (We subsequently ended up re-doing the entire second half of the series), but imagine listening to that conversation!  It was epic, I assure you.

Ultimately, I would be able to get more down to smaller, crazier and hopefully funnier posts while keeping the insane rantings of a mad man parsed out to those who want to listen to them.

But in the end of the day it comes down to you, my loyal and goodly readers, to decide.  It’s gonna cost me $50 to get a decent headset to record with, so it does have some investment.  So vote now!

The Land of Odd Apparently Has a Face

Apparently, The Land of Odd has a face. Why else would it be on Facebook?  That’s right. No longer does The Land of Odd have a dinky little profile on the FaceyPages (Still updating with every new post), but now it has a full fledge FAN PAGE!  That’s right, without having to “friend” a single soul, you too can now show and share your love of all things weird in Azeroth by simply “liking” (or whatever you kids do these days) The Land of Odd!  The The Land of Odd Fan Page will also update with new updates and anything else I can toss up there.

Find The Land of Odd on Facebook by clicking HERE or on the Facebook icon at the top of the page.

P.S.  We’ve switched over our Ratings system for each post to a simple Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down system.  This is mostly because all our ratings were either 5 stars or no stars, so it really didn’t make sense having a range between like or didn’t like (or laughed/Didn’t laugh if you prefer).

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