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Edited Versions of the Stream Archive

Trials and Tails and Oxy-Ales – Final Fantasy I #5

Well, we all knew it would happen one day. Our little Warriors of Light have leveled all up and it’s time for them to get Jobs. But to do that we’re gonna have to prove ourselves to Bahamut, the King of Dragons. Why? I dunno. He’s the one handing out promotions? Then it’s off to run some errands to get ready to tackle the Water Shrine… Where is the Water Shrine anyway?

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Behold the Warrior of Odd – Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.1

Some call him the Pun Survivor, the Snarker of Eorzea or Hydaelyn’s Jester. But to the people of Nordvrandt he’ll always be… The Warrior of Odd. Enjoy this sarcastic romp of highlights through the Patch 5.1 Main Scenario.

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Closing Song: Fiddlesticks Rag (OC Remix) by Diodes

You can find me on Twitter @Vrykerion and on Twitch where I record this footage live at

An Episode of Fire & Ice – Final Fantasy I #4

The quest to restore the light of the Crystals continues as we visit the peaceful village of Crescent Lake to learn more of the Prophecy of Lukahn from the man himself. Then we have a clash of elemental forces as we dive into Mt. Gulg to defeat the Fire Fiend and then cool off in the Ice Cave to grab a Levistone. What’s a Levistone? Oh, you’ll see…

Featuring “The First Story” OC Remix by BONKERS:

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Slap The Lich Up! – Final Fantasy I #3

Diving into the story proper, Vry digs himself into a deeper hole – namely the Earth Cave. Fraught with annoyance, the quest to purge the darkness from the Earth Crystal begins. But first… we’re gonna need a stick.

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That was the Prologue? – Final Fantasy I #2

Wait, you’re telling me that defeating pirates, exorcising mindflayers, removing a dark elf usurper, fetching Jolt Cola for a sleepy prince, and blowing up the entire west coast is the PROLOGUE?

Whelp, that’s Final Fantasy for ya.

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Politics, Infrastructure & Impending Doom – Final Fantasy I #1

By popular demand, here’s the series playthrough edited down into bite size chunks!

Lukahn’s Prophecy has come to pass! And they brought along this schmuck.

Join Vrykerion on his journey to replay all the Final Fantasy games beginning with the one to start it all!

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